Stock Information

In a world where the cost of so much keeps going up, it’s re-assuring to know there are some investments that have a chance of keeping pace.

The recent surge in inflation has made it tougher for most Americans to both cover their costs and have enough left over to invest. With costs rising so quickly, it’s tempting to cut back on investing to find more breathing room each month. Yet one major advantage that investing in strong companies offers is the fact that over time, those types of businesses give investors a genuine shot at protecting their purchasing power even in inflationary times.

Yet when the market is volatile, it might seem tough to pick out great businesses worthy of owning for the long haul. To help on that front, we asked three Motley Fool contributors to select companies that they thought had what it takes to reward their owners over time even as inflation rears its ugly head. They picked Medical Properties Trust (MPW -1.07%)Netflix (NFLX -3.90%), and Texas Instruments (TXN -0.99%). Read on to find out why and see if any or all of them just might deserve a spot in your portfolio.

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