Stock market Reports

Markets have been on a wild ride already this morning in pre-market activity, swinging more than 1000 points on the Dow from deep in the red (following Friday’s -4.5% move) to up around 700 points an hour ahead of the opening bell. An announcement from the Federal Reserve that it will continue to buy Treasury bills and mortgage-back securities “in the amounts needed,” meaning, essentially, “the sky’s the limit.”

These are the times when liquidation is going full-throttle. Normally, when we see things like equities trading down we see bonds go up, and vice versa. But the need to get into cash resources to deal with our myriad problems — coronavirus spread now infecting more than 35K Americans, subsequent shut-in policies and the decimation of entire sectors of our economy, which may lead to the largest spike in unemployment in our nation’s history — is carrying the moment. And the Fed swooping in yet again with another “outside the box” idea of indefinitely collecting municipal and corporate bonds, etc. is giving equity traders hope at this hour.

Top Stocks To Beat Earnings
Symbol ESP Most Acc Est Cons Est ZRank
MU 4.56 0.40 0.38 2
LULU 0.42 2.26 2.25 3
MKC 0.91 1.06 1.05 3
KBH 0.39 0.44 0.43 3
ROSE 120.00 0.11 0.05 3
WGO 5.41 0.74 0.70 3
KMX 0.13 1.12 1.12 3

Company Symbol Price %Chg
Cracker Bar… CBRL 78.44 +19.14%
Fly Leasing… FLY 4.87 +18.78%
Performance… PFGC 18.67 +17.05%
Sibanye Gol… SBSW 4.27 +16.03%
Computer Pr… CPSI 19.07 +7.98%