About us


We are International Financial Advisors specialized in the Banking, Finance and Legal Management sectors.

With more than twenty-eight years of experience, we have organized the best result for the clients, with the greatest transparency and efficiency.


President, Director | Dr. (jur) César Mayer


•  Doctor in International and Commercial Jurisprudence / Ohio University, USA.

•   Political Sciences / Jyväskylä University, Finland.

•   Consultant in International Banking Financial Relations and investments.

•  Business Manager in Financial administration | IBB Institute / Germany (Financial Investment Management) in insolvency Law, contracts, enterprises, financing  and investment.






• International Bar Association Nr: 1232629

• Academic and Professional      development Committee

• Human Rights Law                                                                                                            Committee

                                                                                        • Committee Banking Law

                                                                                        • International Trade and

customs law committee.nimeto%cc%88n-1

• Litigation Committee

• International Sales Committee

• European Regional Forum

Areas of Practice:

• Human Rights Law 

                                                                                        • International Law 

                                                                                        • International Trade