About us


We are International Financial Advisors specialized in the Banking, Finance and Legal Management sectors.

With more than twenty years of combined experience, we have organized the best result for the clients, with the greatest transparency and efficiency.

President | Dr. (jur) Nelson Díaz Pomar

ndiaz2  •   Doctor in  International and Financial Jurisprudence and Comparative Law.

 •   Former Attorney-General of the Peruvian Republic.

 •   Former Senior Prosecutor

 •  Professor of the Faculty of Law, Lima, Peru

 •  Specialist in International Banking Financial Relations.


Vice-president, Director | Dr. (jur) César Mayer


•  Doctor in International and Commercial Jurisprudence / Ohio University, USA.

•   Political Sciences / Jyväskylä University, Finland.

•   Specialist in International Banking Financial Relations.

 •  Legal and financial advice.   




• International Bar Association Nr: 1232629

• Academic and Professional      development Committee

• Human Rights Law                                                                                                            Committee

                                                                                        • Committee Banking Law

                                                                                        • International Trade and

customs law committee.nimeto%cc%88n-1

• Litigation Committee

• International Sales Committee

• European Regional Forum

Areas of Practice:

• Human Rights Law 

                                                                                        • International Law 

                                                                                        • International Trade