Our Team



DonnaDonna Cody | Vice-President, Secretary

International relationship                                                                                             -Consultant in International Banking financial transactions


Cesar.png Dr. Cesar Mayer – Associate | President, Director

Legal-, Financial-, Banking-, International and Commercial Services. Advisor for projects and investments                                                                    -Doctor in International and Commercial Jurisprudence                                        -Political Sciences                                                                                                              -Consultant in International Banking and Financial Relations

Elenita  Dr. (PhD) Olena Mayer | Link with Russian speaking countries                                                                                                                  Business relationships


JM ➤ Jean Marie Amiot | Attorney-At-Law

Business and finance relationships                                                                          -Consultant in International Banking financial transactions


Edmond Edmond Feicka | International Business management

Business and finance relationships                                                                          –Consultant in International Banking financial transactions


Cesar César Scharff Bogino | Business relationships

Carito.png Carito Muro E. | Business relationships

Rivera.png Gilberto Rivera Ch. | Architect                                          Business relationships


We are a multi-competent team, formed by professionals from different countries, to help in the development of the efficiency of the client’s objective.

Thanks to the contribution of professionals from different specialties who share the same intentions, we can process every purpose that the client needs.


This collaboration that we have been doing with our competent colleagues; emphasize a seriousness, transparency and responsibility; enhancing the efforts to accelerate the objectives and increase the effectiveness of the results.

We recognize that the biggest challenge for our clients is the economic approach, which is why we consider that we are agile and persistent.

Pragmatic and cost-effective solutions based on our combined experience, are our recipe for success at all levels of clients.

Our clients have always valued our skillful aspect, and the knowledge of commercial practice.


Through our associate colleagues and International organizations, we have gained good recognition of responsibility and skill.

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